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Donated more Face Shields to North Shore Medical Center

Posted by Janet Spurr on

So, I've had sinus infections for years and the other day came down with another one.  My doctor suggested that I have a Covid test at the North Shore Medical Center, which is about a 25 minute drive.  A great friend had donated the money for 20 face shields.  I followed the directions of driving up the have someone check my license and not roll down my window.  Then was given the ok to drive up to the wonderful nurse all geared up to give my test.  After she explained a few points, I asked if she takes donations, I took the face shields and held them out.  The nurse called her assistant.  Well you think I gave them a winning lottery ticket.  They were so thankful.  I love being able to donate and with a little help from my friends.  The Covid test took less than 3 seconds and was a bit uncomfortable.  It came back negative.  When my friends asked how was the test.  I told them that the 25 minute drive was harder.

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