Hope and Words On The Spurr of the Moment

Pineapple Scarf April 5, 2021 20:57 133 Comments

On sale in April, Pineapple scarf 2 for 1.  Order 1 pineapple scarf and get one free.  Pineapples are a sign of welcome.  This is the perfect gift for a hostess.  The mint green with tiny gold metallic pineapples will brighten anyone's day or night.  This scarf will be a great spring addition to any wardrobe and also will help with cool spring evenings to keep you warm.  Smile while looking bright and spring like.

2 for one sale April 2, 2021 10:49 6 Comments

Today the Seahorse scarf 20 x 70 will have a special sale, 2 for 1.  The original price is $12 and today it's $6.00 with shipping would be $10 for 2 scarves.  Please email me at: spurr1@msn.com to order and enjoy the weekend.  Janet

Happy Spring April 1, 2021 12:24 1 Comment

Today's special is available via email only.  This pineapple necklace is $5.00 for the next few days.  It usually sells for $12-28.  This is a perfect gift for a hostess gift, a new home owener or just to say Happy Spring.  We'll all be out soon and the weather is nicer too, so celebrate and maybe buy a pineapple necklace for yourself.  Happy Spring!  spurr1@msn.com

Ditsy Flower Scarf in blue best seller at Trade show February 5, 2021 16:00 177 Comments

The periwinkle and white Ditsy flower scarf was the best selling item at the NEAC trade show.  Everyone loves the color periwinkle.  I actually just had my bathroom painted periwinkle!  In my old condo my bedroom was periwinkle too.  Anyway, the Ditsy scarf screams spring, beauty and refreshing times and don't we all need that.  Please check it out in the Scarf Collection in Hope and Words.

Face Mask with Straw opening January 22, 2021 15:28 3 Comments

Will be receiving a new face Mask with a Velcro closure.  They will be on my site next week.  They are available in Navy, Grey or Red for $5 each.  

Also, I'll be exhibiting at the NEAC show in Manchester NH this coming Sunday through Tuesday at booth 808.  Hilton Double Tree Inn.  

Blog, Blog, Blog December 11, 2020 12:14 147 Comments

I tried watching the northern lights last night but it was too cold, so instead I put on the newest mask, starry night, which will be online soon.  As well as a Merry Christmask!  And also, will be faux fur fun masks to keep that December wind away.  Hope it helps keep everyone healthy too.  Smiling, Janet Spurr

Christmas fun face masks to make people smile November 26, 2020 14:28 262 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone is healthy.  It's been a season of learning to say the least, but when I see the lines of people on TV trying to get food, my heart breaks.  I want to do more and donate to my church to help feed the homeless.  I am very blessed and have my health.  My family and friends are all great.  I'm thankful for my sales job and helping people wear fun masks as well as donate to hospitals, nurses as well as other organizations.  Thank you for all of your sales.  I really appreciate it.  It has kept me happy!  Take care, Janet

Paisley Pashmina selling the best October 25, 2020 15:15 20 Comments

Just finished exhibiting at the October NEAC Show in Manchester, New Hampshire.  This new venue was great.  The staff at the Double Tree Hilton was outstanding.  We all had our temperatures checked each day and wore masks.  It was a good show and the best selling items were the Paisley Pashminas, which are a classic and continue to be reordered.  Years ago I was in Rome and a women walked by me, wearing one of them.  On the Monday of the show, Eric Trump was speaking at a Rally in another part of the hotel and the staff at the Hilton made sure everyone was wearing masks!

Stay Safe, Wear Masks, etc. October 2, 2020 17:17 17 Comments

Please continue to stay safe, wear a mask, send a mask as a gift.  Also, if you know any organization that I could donate masks and/or Face Shields to, please email me at: spurr1@msn.com 

Sales have been busy, so I haven't had a chance to donate and really love giving back.  Thank you everyone for the sales, I really appreciate it.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg the Great RBG September 25, 2020 14:30 59 Comments

Besides selling masks, scarves, jewelry and whatever, I also sell socks for Socksmith designs.  Their RBG sock is coming out in October.  I don't think there are enough words to thank Justice Ginsberg for her amazing dedication and I truly believe that she will be able, from Heaven, to help guide the US in the best of ways.  I picture her with her husband, her sister and the other judges in Heaven listening to Opera and not having to work out!  God Love RBG, one in a million and hopefully we'll know someone like her someday to make a difference in our future.

Cold outside September 18, 2020 10:55 2 Comments

Late yesterday afternoon, met my beach buddy on the sand.  The water was too cold to swim, but hoping to try to go in one last time, maybe next weekend.  It's all my fault I took out my air conditioner.  Although if I put away my summer clothes it will get warm.  Until then I'm wearing one of the double sided scarfs.  I love the blue one the best.  Through the last few months, I try to keep life into perspective, thinking about the fires in California and the west coast or of a great friend going through cancer treatments.  The other night someone was complaining about wearing a mask.  Life is good and we need to just chill.

Mask Strap holders September 11, 2020 16:32 2 Comments

So you go to get out of your car and walk into a store, but forgot your mask, so you turn around and walk back to your car and put it on.  This wouldn't happen without a mask strap holder!  Wicked bargain at $4.50.  And I was told that college students aren't aloud to put their mask on a table, so this would be a great back to school gift or for younger kids, not to forget their masks at school.  This is so much easier than searching for your mask, although, sometimes I forget it's around my neck.

No Touch Door opener August 14, 2020 13:40 44 Comments

I went to the post office the other day, took out my key chain and pulled open the door with the new No Touch Door Opener.  Ran into a friend and she asked me about it, she bought all five of the ones I had.  They can also be used at a stylist for when you need to use the ATM or pay on a credit card machine.  These are the best and will keep you healthy too.

More Face Masks August 7, 2020 12:11

The Face masks are $6.25 and being reordered wildly.  Thank you.  It's fulfilling to sell something that keeps people safe.  I donated to a great friend's birthday party and it was so fun to see everyone wearing the masks from Hope and Words.  My masks are from Massachusetts to Maui, Virginia to Nantucket and I love giving them to people as a gift.  Last night I was told we would see a friend and it was her birthday, so I grabbed a new pink rhinestone mask and she looked great in it.  There's never enough bling!  So think about the next time you might be invited to a social distancing party, consider bringing a Face Mask from Hope and Words, it lasts longer than wine!  

Donated more Face Shields to North Shore Medical Center July 6, 2020 17:31

So, I've had sinus infections for years and the other day came down with another one.  My doctor suggested that I have a Covid test at the North Shore Medical Center, which is about a 25 minute drive.  A great friend had donated the money for 20 face shields.  I followed the directions of driving up the have someone check my license and not roll down my window.  Then was given the ok to drive up to the wonderful nurse all geared up to give my test.  After she explained a few points, I asked if she takes donations, I took the face shields and held them out.  The nurse called her assistant.  Well you think I gave them a winning lottery ticket.  They were so thankful.  I love being able to donate and with a little help from my friends.  The Covid test took less than 3 seconds and was a bit uncomfortable.  It came back negative.  When my friends asked how was the test.  I told them that the 25 minute drive was harder.

Donated 10 Face Shields to Marblehead Fire Department June 1, 2020 15:06

Thank you Tom Roberts for donating 10 Face Shields from Hope and Words to the Marblehead Fire Department.  I was so excited to make a difference and couldn't have done it without Tom's help.  He is a good neighbor and I was thrilled that he wanted to create a win, win situation with the donation, which helps Hope and Words.  Inside each of the Face Shield packages, I put a Hope and Words postcard, with the many masks, hand sanitizers photos on it and wrote a special memory to each fireman thanking them for taking care of my friends, my house or my neighbors house in the past.  We love fireman.  Thank you for your great work.  

Also, PB and KS donated 6 Face Shields to Confidential Care.  A health care company in Marblehead.  It really feels great to make a difference in this town.  

Donations continue for Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, cotton gloves, etc. May 29, 2020 10:37 2 Comments

Thank you for all of your great orders for the face shields, face masks and have had two people want to buy 10 shields to donate to the Fire Department.  More to come on that.  I really love making people safe.  Here are some other great items; Cotton gloves (I love this and wash them after each use) hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes and travel soaps, which have about a dozen inside this cute package.  All are $3.00.  Please contact me about the face masks.  I'm always getting in new styles every week.  The ones with the air vents are the best.  I even went running while wearing one, but just for 1/2 mile.  Hope everyone is healthy and miss you all, lots of smiles, Janet  spurr1@msn.com 

Unique Face Masks May 17, 2020 17:49

Dear great friends, customers and everyone wonderful,

Thank God for Face Mask sales.  Just received some new fun, fang masks, which are really comfortable.  A neighbor bought 3 yesterday and ordered 4 more today.  She said they are perfect for her teenagers.  They sell for $7.00 each and I'm already sold out of the vampire mask.  I'm also hoping to get in face masks that have a hole for a straw.  More to come soon!  Take care, Janet 

Kids' Face Masks $6.50 and smiles May 7, 2020 12:45

Just read recently in USA Today; There is a mild benefit to laughing.  It's a positive emotion that is good for our heart and easier to solve problems when we're in a positive mood.  I know it's extremely hard now to be positive, but I think of my great friend JL who has cancer.  She is going to Mass General Hospital for treatments.  I try many times a week to email and send her something funny.  Speaking of fun, just received Kids' Face Masks which are $6.50.  They won't be on my website, but email me at:spurr1@msn.com and no minimum.  Thank you, Janet

Social Distancing Face Masks April 30, 2020 11:27

Been walking lately and watching spring bloom.  It's nice to be able to stop and enjoy the blue, red and yellow flowers or trees.  I saw a yellow magnolia tree the other day and never had noticed it before.  Today, Hope and Words has yellow face masks either with Social Distancing on it or plain yellow.  There are also other items that might help you or someone else through this time too.  Take care, Stay Safe, Janet

Face Masks April 27, 2020 12:53 2 Comments

I wore this 3 dimensional face mask while walking the other day and it's my favorite, most comfortable one I've worn.  I'll be getting them in and will post them on my website on Tuesday, along with the Face Shields.  The Hand Sanitizers are available now.  And if anyone knows of a front line worker I can donate this too, please email me at: spurr1@msn.com  Thank you, Janet

Starfish means Resilience April 20, 2020 14:17 33 Comments

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, which during this time could help.  Actually most anything can help, whether it's comfort food, a good laugh or a great Starfish necklace or scarf to send to special person of for yourself.

Donation for nurses with Seaside Allure in Marblehead April 16, 2020 11:14

Donation to nurses from Seaside Allure

Starfish scarf worn by fashionable dog April 16, 2020 11:06

I'm focusing on smiling and remembering the good things, such as my friend Kim's dog wearing the Starfish scarf, which is available in 3 colors.  Starfish means resilience; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.  

In Hope and Words starfish has always been meaning to me.  Maybe growing up each summer on Cape Cod has something to do with it.  Stay safe, smile and look for fashionable dogs, thank you, Janet