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Donated 10 Face Shields to Marblehead Fire Department

Posted by Janet Spurr on

Thank you Tom Roberts for donating 10 Face Shields from Hope and Words to the Marblehead Fire Department.  I was so excited to make a difference and couldn't have done it without Tom's help.  He is a good neighbor and I was thrilled that he wanted to create a win, win situation with the donation, which helps Hope and Words.  Inside each of the Face Shield packages, I put a Hope and Words postcard, with the many masks, hand sanitizers photos on it and wrote a special memory to each fireman thanking them for taking care of my friends, my house or my neighbors house in the past.  We love fireman.  Thank you for your great work.  

Also, PB and KS donated 6 Face Shields to Confidential Care.  A health care company in Marblehead.  It really feels great to make a difference in this town.  

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