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Paisley Pashmina Blue A02-13

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Large Pashmina Shawl 55% Pashmina 45% Silk, Size 80" x 27"
Hues of blue with a pop or purple too. Beautiful colors. Pashminas are an essential for the modern wardrobe. Women who like blue clothing colors often wish to portray an air of mystery along with intense appeal and sense of fashion.
Perfect to dress up an outfit or wear with jeans.  Also great for travel or air conditioned office or restaurants.  This soft silky feel would be a perfect gift for visiting a friend, hostess or send to a friend who might need a little warmth.  And why not treat yourself too?

The sublime luxury and delicate texture of Pashmina or Cashmere (as it is known in the West) has made it an integral part of the royal and aristocratic lifestyle. Rightly referred to as the ‘Art of Royals’, it was first popularized by Emperor Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, who was enraptured by its beauty and fineness.