Pashmina Red

$ 36.00

Large Pashmina Scarf / Shawl / 55% Pashmina / 45% Silk / Size: 80" x 27"

Perfect to dress up an outfit or wear with jeans.  Also great for travel on a plane or while in an air condition office or restaurant.  If you're like me and wear mostly black, this adds a fashionable touch to make you stand out and also keep you warm.  The silky feel also adds to the comfort.  This can be worn as a shawl or scarf.  While in Rome once I saw a women wearing one outside of the Coliseum.   How fashionable was she?  

Pashmina refers to a fine variant of spun cashmere, the animal-hair fibre forming the downy undercoat of the Changthangi goat. The word pashm means "wool" in Persian, but in Kashmir, pashm referred to the raw unspun wool of domesticated Changthangi goats. In common parlance today, pashmina may refer either to the material or to the variant of the Kashmir shawl that is made from it. Both generic cashmere and pashmina come from the same goat.

Item # LAN A02-24 

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