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Austrian Crystal Round Drop Earring Clear-Lever Back, French Back #1

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 Style No : [186258] CRE11390-01-CRY-1/2"W
 Color : Silver, Clear
 Size : 1/2" W, 3/4" L
 Rivoli Cut Genuine Austrian Crystal Drop Earrings
Matching bracelet available on request
it’s all about clarity, light, reflection, and amplification with these clear earrings. The shimmer or a diamond and the reflection of surrounding colors make it a perfect accessory. Need some bling - these will catch everyone's eye. Wear with any dressy outfit or even with a fashionable suit. Great for parties, weddings, receptions, and those important Board meetings.
These make a great gift for anyone - think of proms, weddings, and the like. Make a statement with these!

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