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Pashmina Scarf A02-16

Pashmina Scarf A02-16

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Large Pashmina Scarf/shawl 55% Pashmina, 45% silk

Size: 80" x 27"

Yankee Ingenuity in Chatham, Massachusetts loves these pashminas.  It's a great shop and Chatham is a wonderful place to visit.  Be sure to drive up to the Coast guard station and check out that endless beach.  Also, Chatham Squire restaurant has great clam chowder.  

This scarf can also be worn as a shawl and will make any outfit stand out.  When wearing all one color, add this scarf and look fashionable, which keeping warm in an air conditioned office, restaurant or when travelling.  Or bring this as a gift while visiting.  You'll be invited back.

The pashmina scarf can also be used as a table cloth. A pashmina that comes in various colors boosts the energy level of the living space. A pashmina scarf can also be used on a candle lit dinner table. The combination of the candle lit room and the exotic colors of pashmina scarf induce positive energy in the room.

Item # LA-A02-16

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